The Shalom Outreach Sister-2-Sister Initiative

Sometimes, we must be the help we need

The Sister 2 Sister Project Offers support to widows who are suffering and and are in great need in third world countries. We endeavor to reach our sisters by expressing love through the purchasing of cows, toiletries items and other needed materials that may serve as encouragement and income generating activity. We further endeavor to break the cycle of suffering that comes as a result of poverty, bereavement and abuse, by empowering these widows with a sense of hope, dignity and support for their future. THERE IS A NEED AND WE WILL LEAD!

1 Timothy 5:3-5 gives clear advice regarding the care of those who are vulnerable within our ranks. This passage indicates that we should careful widows, but we are also to be concerned for orphans. To that end, Shalom has undertaken an exciting program that we call sister to sister. For the past few years we have identified widows many of whom had husbands who were pastors and were killed either by insurgence, by accident or who suffered an untimely death.

As you can imagine, the loss of a husband is devastating because a best friend is gone, but also a woman’s security, her covering, and her financial safekeeping are all shattered in one moment.

The sister to sister program requires a $350 contribution and will supply a widow with a cow. Additionally, we endeavor to purchase toiletry items (i.e. lotion, soap, toothpaste etc.) for each woman on the donor’s behalf. Needless to say, your contribution will not only get a woman out of the dark place but impact a family for generations. We are asking you to be the help that's needed. Please use the button belowto make your donation. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.