Covenant Partner Program

The Shalom Outreach Covenant Partnership Program

Individual Donors

Program Title: Job
$25 per month, ($300 annually)

Sacrifice - "Like Job, even though times are difficult, I will praise God and give into the building of His Kingdom." This level of giving denotes a level of personal commitment to assist the ministry in achieving its most basic functions.

Program Title: Daniel
$50 per month, ($600 annually)

Determination - "Like Daniel, God has put this ministry on my heart and I want to support a standard of excellence and righteousness in the building of his kingdom." This level of giving demonstrates a commitment to help build the infrastructure of the ministry.

Program Title: Noah
$100 per month, ($1,200 annually)

Vision - "Like Noah, I believe in faith that God is building Shalom as an Arc of Salvation for the harvesting of thousands of souls. I will stand with you in the completing of God’s vision in building this ministry." This level of giving provides for the fulfillment of the annual goals of the ministry and will establish the basis of future planning of larger projects and initiatives.

Program Title: David
$250 per month, ($3,000 annually)

Exuberant - Like David, I am committed to tearing down strongholds and taking back territory for the Kingdom of God. David is known as the biblical giant killer. Although anointed as king of Israel, he gave generously as a form of worship and sacrifice. Those at this level of giving are considered powerful and courageous to Shalom and the gift viewed as worship and significant sacrifice.

Program Title: Abraham
$500 per month, ($6,000 annually)

Prodigious - Like Abraham, I am committed to generational and foundational building of the Kingdom of God. Abraham, the father of our faith is identified as a friend of God. Everyone wants God to be their friend but can God call us His Friend? Friends of God obey and advance His will even when God’s next move is unknown. Abraham followed even though he did not know where to go and understood that he was blessed to be a blessing. Those at this level of giving understand that they are blessed to be a blessing. Because of this, they are committed to having a generational impact for the building of God’s kingdom.

Organizations / Corporations

Program Title: Bronze
$1,500 annually

Bronze was one of the most essential metals and represents the first level of giving. Bronze donors are those who seek to invest in the ministry of Shalom to help provide basic and essential resources for things like missionary training and development, outreach, trip administration, and general operating cost.

Program Title: Silver
$5,000 annually

Silver is a precious metal that represents the next level of sponsorship commitment to Shalom. Donors who invest at this level are helping to provide annual support which will allow Shalom to build it’s capacity in providing technical & material support in discipleship and leadership development to other international ministries to help build the body of Christ.

Program Title: Gold
$10,000 annually

Gold is a rare precious metal, it is associated with great worth and value. Donors who support the ministry at this level are partners who firmly believe in the value of the human soul and want to see the "laborers" of God thoroughly equipped to win as many souls for the kingdom. Sponsorship at this level provides resources to plan and implement various projects in specific countries, and launch campaigns and initiatives that will assist pastors and leaders throughout the world.

Program Title: Platinum
$15,000 annually

Platinum - is considered a noble precious metal which is highly stable. Donors who invest at this level are partners who believe in a long-term commitment and consistency in impacting a country. This level of sponsorship allows Shalom to implement and sustain long term projects with investments in communities for generational impacts.


Program Title: Harvest Makers
$2,500 annually

Harvest Makers - are churches who seek to actively participate in mission activities through the recruitment of missionaries within their own local churches for training and an annual commitment to support the foundational operations of the ministry. Resources from this level of sponsorship will primarily be used for preparation of missionaries through training and materials.

Program Title: Kingdom Builders
$5,000 annually

Kingdom Builders - are churches who wish to see the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ Spread throughout the world through the efforts of their members and others. This level of commitment represents churches who wish to commit in supporting Shalom’s vision and mission on a long term continuous basis.

Program Title: Christ’s Emissaries
$10,000 annually

Christ’s Emissaries - are churches who are sold out to turn the world upside down with the word of God just like the 1st century church. Churches on this level are enthusiastic to use all resources necessary to ensure sustainability of current mission trips and expansion to new unreached countries/areas.

Program Title: Centurions
$15,000+ annually

Centurions - are the churches who are obedient and faithful unto God in their commitment to aggressively engage in the Great Commission. This level of sponsorship denotes a level of commitment to the vision of Shalom and that churches role in building the capacity of other churches around the world to spread the gospel.