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Shalom Outreach 2018 Travel Calendar

Ghana Continuing the March May 13-27 $3,450
Brazil Youth Trasforming Lives with Purpose and Passion; Focus on the Family July 15-24 $3,350
Harlem, New York Operation Spiritual Thunder July 16-31 $850
Mombasa, Kenya A Medical Mission - Healing Hands August 19-28 $3,450
Kiserian, Kenya Continuing the Commision October 8-24 $3,400
Santiago de Cuba Entering New Territory December 6-12 $3,350

According to John Piper, missions exist because worship doesn’t. God desires to be worshipped and unfortunately mankind has lost their way back to Him.  The ministry of Shalom has a unique assignment to provide healing and help to those who are in need while mobilizing those with resources. This organization undertakes our missionary activities as an assignment mandated by God because He hears the cries of hungry children in East Africa, the travail of widows who have recently lost their husbands, and the emptiness of a village who has no water to satisfy the thirst while death encroaches.

Most New Testament churches identify the biblical mandate for missions to be Matthew 28:19, the Great Commission. However, God was at work redeeming humanity as far back as the book of Genesis and He maneuvered through 42 generations to manifest the complete answer to the human dilemma. To that end, we in Shalom feel a sense of calling to both equip and educate the body of Christ with sound biblical doctrine that support the mandate for missions in both testaments. In addition to meeting the physical needs of those we serve, Shalom endeavors to provide spiritual nourishment to the hungry children, comfort and hope to the widows of Uganda, and living water to satisfy those who are thirsty.

Five Steps to Traveling with Shalom

Believe – In Shalom we believe that a relationship with God is at the core of who we are capable of being as viable well-balanced citizens on earth. To that end, faith in Jesus Christ has opened the door into a new a world for all who travel under the banner of our ministry. Ones profession of faith is a fundamental requirement for those who wish to collaborate with our efforts in change the world. Admittedly, there are many people who believe that Jesus existed but if we carefully look at John 3:16 the apostle was clear and emphatic in stating that whosoever believeth in Him would not perish… so we have to get past Christ being a historical figure and move toward placing our faith and trust in His finished work.

Passport – This all important document is integral in opening up the world to a person who desires to cross their culture, hence the securing of one’s passport creates a possible entry point for us to share the message of Christ in other nations. The process is simple and the cost is reasonable, so please take a moment to go to

Shalom Application and Documentation – Shalom has an application process that each missionary will have to complete, which encompasses data like, emergency contact information, statement of testimony and pastoral recommendation. This administrative detail is necessary in our commitment to secure the proper insurances and planning in case of natural disasters or other unforeseen events that may require team extraction and movement to an adequate safety zone. Click here to download Shalom traveler application

Vaccinations – There are nations that require inoculation so as to take preventative measures in protecting the missionary from diseases that may be prevalent in certain areas. We have had very little physical harm or illness among our missionaries in part because of effectual prayer and preparation through proper inoculations required for travel. Please see Center for Disease Control website for inoculation requirements for the region you intend to travel.

Preparation Shalom Institute – All missionaries who travel under the banner of Shalom undergo a minimum 4 hour block of instruction detailing the mission, the physical conditions under which the missionary will work, and other physical and spiritual matters that should be prayerfully considered before travel. The training dates are typically 30 days prior to one of our trips, and this comprehensive instruction will be given by a trained authorized Shalom staffer or someone with commensurate experience.