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Global Impact Strategy Meeting - Thika, Kenya

October, 2016

Wave 1: October 3-12,    Wave 2: October 9-19,   Wave 3: October 17-25,   Wave 4: October 24-31


This mission is the culmination of a seven year conversation amongst leading missionary practitioners, heads of mission agencies, theological scholars, seminary administrators, and pastors, who have accepted the Global call of God. This conversation, was initially born out of the frustration of how to overcome the barriers which block African American participation in missions but quickly evolved into how to finance and fund the work of God followed closely by what are best practices for missionary activities. Having exhausted those subject, the group decided to develop a comprehensive, coordinated missionary experience having the goal of transforming an entire community.

It is our goal to combine the efforts and resources our ministries to achieve that objective. As an outgrowth of our 2015 meeting with Kenyan leadership, we were lead to converge on the East African nation of Kenya concentrating our effort on the township of Thika, rolling out four successive waves of ministry focusing on leadership, evangelism, discipleship and church planting. While the phases are to be executed by various ministries, we are working on one accord as one body in Christ, unified in our approach and clear about our objectives.

We’ve planned the work but we really need your assistance in working the plan. The following travel schedule is presented to allow you to participate in any or all of the sessions within this effort. We need every facet of gifting within the Body of Christ to join us in this effort and we humbly request pastors to release church leaders who have gifting and compatible skillsets that will help push forward the various waves of this God-ordained mission. Even if you cannot physically join us on this mission we ask that you please pray with us over every part of this work.

Global Impact Sstrategy Meeting Travel Schedule

October 3-12, 2016 Leadership This God ordained thrust commences with leadership.
The United States Army’s definition of leadership is, “influencing people – by providing purpose, direction, and motivation – while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” This succinct description helps us to appreciate the power of effective leadership.

It is our desire to prepare the ground before planting the seeds of growth throughout the community. Kenya has been blessed with good leaders and we would like to insert some pragmatic principles for personal/inner stability that will cascade outward to those within the sphere of our influence.

We will conduct leadership sessions with pastors and church leaders, business and political leaders, and with community and educational heads, by day and conduct nightly services at local churches with an emphasis on effective and impactful leadership. Please plan to join us in this effort that will be the genesis of transforming a community.

October 9-19, 2016 Evangelism

Evangelism is the second wave of our execution. We will partner with Kenyans in multiple outreach efforts so as to win the lost to Christ while recovering those who may have fallen from the faith. We will deploy a number of creative evangelistic tools like street witnessing, open-air crusades, door to door evangelism and the distribution of tracks. We plan to visit schools and other strategic venues to make Christ known. We will have nightly services in churches that will draw many to the throne of God.

Perhaps we agree that one does not have to be an evangelist to do evangelism! Hence, this is just a matter of making oneself available to this end time move of God. Please join us in having a global impact!

Reverend Gerald Robinson, the director of Know The Truth International Ministries, Inc, will oversee this initiative. His ministry will organize, plan and direct every facet of this effort and can be reached. For more information, go to

October 17-25, 2016 Community Transformation and Lift

This wave is at the core of what we want to achieve. After long consultation with our Kenyan host we decided communicate the Love of God in clear tangible ways. We will endeavor to strengthen the foundation and underpinnings in and around the town of Thika. Ultimately, we desire to transform this community and showcase it as a model of what can take place when God’s shalom “peace” coupled with unity can do in a nation.

Ministry efforts will include prayer walking, puppet ministry, children’s ministry, free medical exams and medications, clothing/shoe distribution and free counseling to those in need. There will be nightly services with emphasis on the value of community unity and oneness. Please consider joining us in this effort.

October 24-31, 2016 Discipleship & Church Planting

In this final push, we believe that communities are transformed in a variety of ways and healthy New Testament churches are an integral part of strong communities. The planting of churches will enable the stabilization and continued growth of communities toward God and one another. Hence, the last wave of our effort is to disciple those who are new to the faith and equip others with meaningful tools that will bring about effective, long-lasting transformation. This effort will manifest through the discipleship training, reinforced leadership instruction and the commissioning of pastors to oversee the recently established churches.


The total cost of each wave/trip is $3,400.00. An incremental payment schedule is shown below for those who will commit to fulfilling “The Great Commission” with Shalom on this trip. We will provide a mandatory four-hour intensive training program (date and location to be determined) to prepare and brief the team on our mission. Included in the cost is all training, airfare from Washington, DC to Kenya and return, taxes, ground transportation, food and housing.

If you would like to participate in any or all of the waves, your mission volunteer application form is the first step towards confirming your intent to travel with us. Please return your completed application with a copy of your passport, two passport size color photographs and your $500.00 non-refundable deposit.

If you do not have a valid passport, please visit U.S. Department of State to learn how to obtain or renew your passport.

Visas are required for travel to Kenya and the cost of the visa is independent of the overall trip expense. For information regarding online visa application, visa cost, type of payment accepted, etc., please visit the Embassy of Kenya website.

Additionaly, please visit the Center for Disease Control to get information regarding inoculations you will need to travel, or check with your doctor.

Payments should be made payable to Shalom Outreach, Inc. and mailed to the address above with a notation in the memo section identifying how these funds should be applied (Kenya GIS 2016). If you will be receiving donations for this trip, please have the funds sent directly to Shalom Outreach, Inc., so that your contributor will receive credit for the donation. Note: Any tax-deductible contributions made by third parties in excess of the cost of the trip will be sown back into the general operating funds of Shalom Outreach.

You may adhere to the payment schedule below or establish your own. However, it is mandatory that the $500.00 non-refundable deposit be received by May 1, 2016 and a minimum of $2,700.00 by August 1, 2016. The suggested payment schedule is as follows:

Date: Amount Due:
May 1st $500.00 Deposit (non-refundable)
June 1st $975.00
July 1st $975.00
August 1st $950.00
Total $3,400.00

Come and minister with us as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this nation. We expect this trip to be an explosion of Holy Ghost power in that region of the world! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.